Who we are

The HEHS Center, standing for Human and Environmental Health and Safety Center, offers technological support to industries to ensure that their technology based-products and processes are safe for human health and environment.

We provide technology based solutions for advancing medical science and disease treatment in human healthcare. We work with various sectors such as materials, chemicals, transport, construction, packaging, textile, energy, medicine, food, cosmetics, and detergents.

The Center was founded by Leitat, a private technical institute located in Barcelona, to respond to growing market demand in the field of safety for humans and the environment.

What we offer

Testing Services

Toxicological and ecotoxicological testing. Particle exposure monitoring. Migration Studies

Advisory Services

Risk assessment of manufactured products and substances and mitigation strategies to reduce risks to acceptable levels

Research & Development

Chemical risk assessments, refinement of testing strategies, substitution of substances of very high concern, chemical /particle migration from products

Technical Trainings

Training on REACH and CLP regulations tailored to the customers' needs and on the use of risk assessment tools

Areas of Expertise



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