Exploiting the improved and novel properties of materials at the nanoscale on nanotechnology applications for delivery of therapeutics and biosensing or medical diagnostics

Our services

The Nanomedicine unit offers nanoncapsulation technologies for diagnosis, carrier system and sustained APIs release. Moreover, it offers in vitro and in vivo assays, the preparation of biosensors and the possibility of scaling-up new available technologies.

Design, Synthesis & Characterization

  • Bold construction of biocompatible smart carriers for local tissue-specific delivery under particular stimuli and diagnostics.
  • Smart suitable coatings for different administration pathways
  • Leading instrumentation for physico–chemical characterization of nanosystems
Safety & Efficacy​
  • Performing in vivo and in vitro studies to assess smart systems safety based on the current European regulation for pharmaceuticals
  • Offering different complexity studies on specific Nanosafety guidelines according to international regulation frameworks
Stability Studies
Statbility Studies icon
  • Durability and sustained release in target environments like biological fluids
  • Performing transformation studies with nanosystems and the final formulations containing them according ICH Q1A
Scale Up Evaluation​
Scale up icon
  • Production of biocompatible smart carriers in the required quantity and quality for preclinical and clinical tests
  • Feasibility studies using different methods