Nanosafety is a trending topic in Europe. And LEITAT is very active on this topic through a intense participation in different research projects. REACHnano is one of them and project aims to provide the industry and stakeholders with easy-to-use tools to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials along their lifecycle. It thus seeks to support the implementation of the REACH regulation with regard to nanomaterials and ultimately improve the protection of the environment and human health from risk.


The project seeks to consolidate the knowledge base on nanomaterials-related risk and risk assessment. It will collect and evaluate the adequacy of the available information on the physicochemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of nanomaterials and related exposure-, use- and risk-management measures. ‘REACHnano’ plans to develop a complete selection of standard testing models to be used in the risk characterisation process for nanomaterials and a complete description of the current exposure scenarios across the nanomaterials lifecycle.


These will cover the existing operating conditions, efficient risk management measures and estimated exposure levels. The complete set of innovative tools supporting the risk assessment process, information exchange and the information search process will be made freely available in the form of a web-based toolkit and disseminated widely to stakeholders, including SMEs and competent authorities. Webinars, workshops and training will support use of the tools and thus implementation of the REACH regulation on nanomaterials.


More information about REACHnano on the project website or through the project brochure.

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